Without communicating with each other reciprocally, we cannot create relationships or either form ourselves as individuals.

Communication is my guiding star.
Communication is not just about simple public relations, but also and above all relationships with others, both horizontally, for example with work colleagues and the personal network, but also vertically, for example within a pyramidal or hierarchical company. My experience in this field goes from horizontal and vertical corporate communication, to applied NLP in the field of human resources and personnel selection, but also listening and reception skills both in professional medical and legal agencies and in the event management and guest reception in important cultural festivals.

I´m a professional webmaster and graphic designer with focus on graphics programs (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier and other).
I am well experienced as freelance journalist, copywriter and social media marketer. I have also been working as link building and SEO.

In the last few years I have worked a lot as a volunteer to learn the different graphic and marketing strategies.
As a volunteer, for example, I created some websites at minimal cost and started Dante Servizi: a web marketing project and online services for those who love the Italian language and culture (dante-alighieri-cph.dk).

I conceive and realize a national competition “Premio Leonardo da Vinci”, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and oversaw every aspect of the competition. From the organization, to the presentation, to the search for sponsors and partners, to the slides for the conference, etc.

As artistic director of “Det Italienske Forår” Festival, I worked both in contact with the artists and on the web to promote events. From posters, to posts on social media, to mailing lists, etc.
The Festival took place for two consecutive years. This year lasted 3 months and I created a mini-festival for children within the Italian Festival. The satisfaction was really great!

I am italian and I have been living in Denmark for 3 years. I have to say that Danmark is very beautiful land. But it is a far cry from Caserta, Sorrento, Amalfi. I miss them. But coming to Danmark was my dream.

When I was a child I read H.C.Andersen´s fairy tales and I was very  impressed by their landscapes and animals. In my teenagers years I stumbled upon H.C.Andersen´s biography and all the things I thought about him changed. I wanted to meet H.C.Anderesen´s people, and to see the country where he was born.

However I must confess that Shakespeare also  has contributed to increase my curiosity about this country. Hamlet’s castle must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

But mostly what I wanted to know was the history of this country, since the only things we know about Danmark in Italy is ” the Vikings”.  Denmark and allthough we know Nordic design, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are conceived as one single thing. 

Here I could learn about the difference between these three countries. I stumbled on the biographies of Grundvig, Karen Blixer, Jakob Ris and others. I appreciated Danish design more and more and learned that even though the Danish language is hard when it is sung in the church by choir it suddenly becomes an ancient and magical language.

I like to get in contact with people. I like to see my friends periodically and do many things together: to visit museums, to have long walks and conversations in different languages. I like to speak Danish, but also Italian and French.  I also like listening to Spanish songs, which I understand very well. (altro…)

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“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

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